Corona breathalyzer
corona breathalyzer

Corona breathalyzer


If approved, it can be used to monitor virus carriers by entering places such as airports, factories, and large companies, thus helping to restore the global economy to full activity.

How is it working?

The subject exhales into a tiny device about seven inches in size, which includes a mouthpiece and capsule in which an electronic chip contains a dense array of sensors.

The specimens from the exhalation tests adhere to the sensors, and the entire chip is transferred to the system that scans the specimens and provides a response within 20 seconds since the scan began, regarding the presence of the virus.


The new development measures minimal changes that the coronavirus creates on the electric field in the dense array on the chip. The device automatically backs up the results to a database that can be accessed by the authorities to facilitate the monitoring of the virus pathway as well as prioritizing and treating patients.

The researchers conducted clinical trials in over 120 subjects in Israel, including corona patients. The results of the test showed over 90% accuracy in the diagnosis of the coronavirus, compared to the standard PCR test, which is performed by means of intrusion. The study is currently ongoing, during which researchers compare samples of corona patients with those of other diseases. In the meantime, the researchers are looking into what stages of infection in Corona can find the patients.


Developers say the estimated cost per test will be about $ 50, a significantly lower cost than current lab tests. The researchers hope that if the validation tests are successfully completed, the new test can be started within a few months.

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