Costs for making GTA
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Costs for making GTA

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Grand Theft Auto V is almost the biggest budget game in history. The budget for the game wouldn’t have embarrassed a Hollywood blockbuster

Not surprisingly, Rockstar has invested a ton (loads) of money into its biggest game in its all-time great history.

But, in order to understand what order of magnitude this is, think of huge movie productions. For example, did you know that “Pirates of the Caribbean: The End of the World” is the most expensive movie in history?

With a production cost estimated at more than $ 300 million. it has set an exceptionally high budget. but GTA V doesn’t lag far behind, and according to one report, the cost of developing this big game is estimated at $ 265 million (!).
The wccftech website. which has published the budget and the nice graphs. argues that it is the most expensive game in history whose budget could fund the most expensive cinema in history.


Grand Theft Auto V. is an action game developed by Rockstar North in the UK and published by Rockstar Games the game is the next major game in the Grand Theft Auto series since Grand Theft Auto IV (2009).

The city where the game takes place, “Los Santos,” is based in the city of Los Angeles. The city had already appeared in a previous game in the series. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. where “Los Santos” was part of three cities in the game: Los Santos, San Pieros, and Las Venturas.


Nine years after Landorf robbery, North Yankton. Robber Trevor, who left two of his “dead” partners Michael and Brad and had to hide.

After forging his death and taking all the money from the robbery. Michael Townley lived under witness protection with his family in Los Santos. San Andres, and adopted the pseudonym Michael de Santa.

LOS Santos – Franklin Clinton works as a car rental forecaster alongside his best friend Lamar Davi. and one day he was asked to return a car from Michael’s older son, Jimmy, in his 20s, who was in arrears for his loan payment.

Michael concluded that his son was about to become a victim of credit fraud, hid in the back seat of the vehicle. confronted Franklin, and forced him to collide with the car through the dealership’s window.

Franklin was fired from his job at the agency but he and Michael became friends.

When Michael found out that his wife Amanda was sleeping with her tennis coach.

he and Franklin chased the coach to his estate where Michael was destroying the house.

It then turns out that the estate belonged to a Mexican drug dealer named Martin Madrazo. who required compensation for the estate.

The bottom line is that this game was expensive to manufacture. but also put in no less than $ 6 billion so you can be calm.

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