iPhone 30 years ago

iPhone 30 years ago


An iPhone would have cost $3.5 million to build back in 1991,  according to back-of-the-envelope-math by TechPolicyDaily.  

Why so expensive?

  • memory: $45,000 in 1991 vs. $0.55 today.
  • Thus, 32GB flash memory = $1.44 million.
  • Apple’s a5 processor, which produces about 20,500 million of instructions per second: $620,000 in 1991.
  • The cost of mobile communication in 1991: $100 per kilobit per second.
  • The iPhone delivers speeds in the 15Mbps range today: 15,000Kbps (15Mbps) x $100 = $1.5 million.

Add those rough numbers ($1.44 million + $620,000 + $1.5 million) and you get $3.56 million. Wow.

little of history 

The first generation of the iPhone first introduced on January 9 by Steve Jobs and first put up for sale in the United States on June 29, 2007, and in the first 30 hours after its release, Apple sold 270,000 devices.

In 2007, the company sold only seven million devices in the United States. Initially, the iPhone was only sold in Ireland, the United States, France, Germany and Austria, and pirated in other countries.

After a year in the market, Apple reported from users of the device: 90% satisfied with it, 98% surfed through it, 94% used email through it, 90% sent text messages through it, and 80% used more than 10 different capabilities of the device.


July 11, 2008, Apple launched the second generation iPhone (iPhone 3G) in 22 countries.

A year later, on June 11, 2009, the third generation iPhone (iPhone 3GS) was launched, from which a million devices were sold in the first three days after launch.

June 24, 2010, the fourth generation of the iPhone (iPhone 4) was launched. On January 11, 2011, Apple and Verizon launched a new 4-month iPhone that was first adapted to CDMA cellular networks.

October 4, 2011, the iPhone 4S was launched, which is an upgrade to the iPhone 4. The design of the device is the same as its predecessor, but there have been hardware changes.


Today Apple is the second-largest company in the world right after Microsoft, which may hint at you a little

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