Is it vibrating?

Is it vibrating?

Feel that?

Know that you feel your cell phone vibrating and then discover that you imagined it? Apparently, this is a widespread phenomenon called the “Phantom Vibration”; How is it caused? While there is no definitive answer, the researchers believe that we are so obsessed with receiving calls and messages that our brains interpret every cellphone vibration sound

Happened to everyone

Do you happen to feel the vibration of your cell phone as it goes deep into your pocket, take it out and discover that you have not received an SMS, no alert, and missed a call? You’re not alone.

Many people report a fascinating phenomenon where we feel the vibration of the cell phone in our body even when it is not vibrating at all.

A new study on the subject, called the Phantom Vibration phenomenon, states that 68 percent of the US cellphone population has experienced this phenomenon at least once in their lives, 87 percent of whom feel it on a weekly basis and 13 percent daily.

The interesting study was conducted by Michael Rothberg, a clinical researcher from Pittsburgh, who does describe the phenomenon and how broad it is, but he avoids giving a concrete answer as to why we feel the vibration itself.

But why?

Alex Blaszynski, head of psychology at the University of Sydney, Australia, tried to answer the question, explaining that he felt the vibration was due to a true vibration of the device:

“I guess it has to do with electrical signals coming on the phone, touching the nerves around them and giving them a vibration sensation,” he explained.

He did not do research on the subject, but if he is right we may all feel vibrations from the phone signals that we should not have felt in the first place

“It’s simple”

Larry Rosen, a professor at the University of California, offers a different look. In his book iDisorder, he claims that we are so looking forward to receiving notifications from the mobile phone that we are over-prepared and therefore interpret his every move as a vibration.

It is also Rothberg’s hypothesis and his team that claim that we are just too eager to receive signals from the phone until we look for it in every possible way and are willing to swear that every sound or touch is vibration.

Stop anticipating

Although the Vibration Phantom is not a health issue, it can still be a minor nuisance for people who feel it regularly.

So how do you put an end to that? Rothberg conducted a survey and found that 39 percent of people who decided to tackle the phenomenon in a variety of ways reported success.

Among the methods used, downloading the cell phone from a vibration mode in general, a permanent replacement of the phone location, one time it will be in the bag and another time in the pocket and more.

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