The first mouse, not what you think
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The first mouse, not what you think

Little of history

The microbar was invented in 1963 by the updated Stanford Douglas Engelbert (in 1997 the Engelbert Turing Award was awarded for this contribution and competitors for the curriculum development). Between today’s past and present, with a slightly different mechanism: The movement of the barber is detected using the other two wheels at the bottom.


In a later version, developed in the early 1970s by Bill English of Xerox Park, the wheels were replaced with a ball. Later, the ball was replaced with a mechanism that detects the main movement automatically, by sensing at the bottom of the wizard to understand more otherwise the mouse is replacing the wire that connects it to the computer in a wireless connection, making the information more convenient.

Commercial use

The first commercial use of the mouse was made in the late 1970s on the Xerox Star computer by Xerox. As a result, Apple Mouse incorporated a “Lisa” computer from its maker. Both of these computers failed for commercial intelligence.

Only with the release of the Macintosh computer market in 1984 did the mouse first gain commercial success and then become an integral part of the graphical user interface (more than twenty years have passed since the invention of the mouse until it became a widespread device).

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