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you are not alone

If you knew your spouse through the dating app, you are in good company. A study released this week found that online dating is the most popular way of knowing today, and no less than 39% of heterosexual couples first saw each other through the screen.

The study, conducted by researchers from Stanford and New Mexico universities, was based on data collected in 2017 from about 3,000 Americans in heterosexual relationships and was asked to describe how they knew each other.

The researchers compared the obtained data to previous data collected, and thus managed to draw a trend of changes in the various forms of dating over the years.

What was before?

If, in 1995, only 2% of couples knew the Internet, and in 2000 only 5%.

after the advent of smartphones, our popularity in online acquaintances is rising, with 20% of couples who have known in 2010 already doing so through the network.

It should be noted that although the study is based only on heterosexual couples, those who were the first to adopt online platforms for recognition were LGBT couples, and they use it at a much higher rate. Of the same-sex couples.


You can see that it has a tendency to become familiar with the Internet over time. And what is the fate of the other forms of consciousness? From the mid-1940s to 2013, the most popular way of getting to know a couple was through the mediation of friends.

but the dating apps were devouring the cards. In 2013, online acquaintance first passed through acquaintance through friends, leaving dust for all other dating ways whose rates are decreasing year by year.

For example, the percentage of couples who know their friends fell from 33% in 1995 to only 20% in 2017, the percentage of couples who met through family members dropped from 15% in 1995 to only 7% in 2017, and the percentage of Those familiar with the workforce dropped from 19% to 11%.

The more Internet platforms play a more central role in our love lives, the smaller the number of ways of knowing that does not include a computer or a smartphone, and in particular the proportion of friends as a link between two potential spouses.

The findings indicate, according to the researchers, that online acquaintance has taken on the role that family and friends used to know between people in the past.

“Eliminating the mediation between two people is a major social consequence of the Internet,” they say, demonstrating: “Human travel agents were previously necessary to book hotel or airline tickets until the Internet abolished the human agents’ mediation. As the main mediators in creating new parity. “

Even so, they are soothing, the importance of family and friends is paramount.

“Despite eliminating the mediation of family and friends in their duties as a match, they obviously have other important roles, and they remain important even when the role of other realtors like human travel agents is gone.”

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