Graphics card vs gold
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Graphics card vs gold

Why so expensive?

Today, with the enormous rising of gaming and graphic processing the demand for high-quality graphics card rising. maybe in the near feature, the graphic card will pass the gold price.

A graphics card, video card, or video card on a computer is the component of the visual output monitor that the computer produces on the screen. In fact, almost all programs produce visual outputs and the video card acquires the hardware responsible for taking that output and calling these numbers dots to illuminate on the monitor (the color) so you can see the output.

The video card receives as input from the processor data in the digits and turns them into a display signal (previously analog-only, there are digits too).

Start modest. Initially, he was only responsible for the book on the screen of what the central processor produced. In its early stages, it was text-only, without color support.

In the past, video cards are the processors in themselves. They have their own graphics processor and they do a lot of the processing lab that was previously done by the computer’s central processor.

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