Unlock with your smartphone

Unlock with your smartphone

Luxury car

Not just luxury cars: Pointer will allow you to unlock your car

Pointer from the PowerFleet group showcases revolutionary use of the mobile device for unlocking the vehicle and remotely deactivating the car, even before entering the vehicle and all through the proximity of the mobile device to the range of about 10-5 meters from the vehicles.

New approach

On smartphones in Android technology, as soon as the car owner approaches with his or her cellphone, the doors will open and the “access control system” will be deactivated via BT connectivity between the cellphone and car. IOS technology used in iPhone neutralization also requires the push of a button.

To prevent cellular abuse by an unauthorized person, there is a layer of protection through facial recognition, fingerprinting, or typing code used to unlock the phone as defined by the user. Only after using the smartphone identification method by the vehicle owner will the operation be possible.

Additional family members or licensed drivers can get permission from the car owner so that their configured phones can also perform the car unlocking process and remotely disable the codec. Alternatively, they can continue to drive the vehicle in the normal way by tapping a neutral code and opening doors on the keypad.


Ilan Goldstein Pointer CEO of PowerFleet Group notes that “In the coming years, the automotive industry will undergo a kind of revolution that will significantly change how the vehicle is used, the driver-vehicle relationship, and the driving experience.

Our mobile device will receive more and more uses and will practically control every action that requires a human-machine connection. “Pointer” will continue to develop technologies based on cellular connectivity to the automotive industry and already allows this technology to be used by car rental and sharing companies in the model of “car rental without a steward”.

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