Video game instead of Ritalin?
Gaming for ADHD

Video game instead of Ritalin?


Many parents around the world are looking for solutions other than drugs such as Ritalin and a concert for their children suffering from ADHD. The treatment of this phenomenon known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

The above drugs have been scientifically proven to help, but many parents are concerned about the side effects that may occur with the use of these drugs. , Approved treatment for ADHD through a video game from Akili Interactive, called “EndeavorRx” (formerly called EVO Project).

In practice

The game is designed for children ages 8-12 and is made up of rich and colorful virtual worlds and is guided by aliens mounted on flying saucers. Underwater or snowy mountains or boiling lava rivers,

you must avoid obstacles and move on to the next destinations. The game was released to Apple’s iOS operating systems and available for iPhone and iPad.

When it will be ready?

According to game developers, in all stages of development the guideline was to stimulate the nervous systems to the attentive function of humans in general, and children in particular through stimuli designed to improve the child’s cognitive function.

The game engine, and especially the algorithm responsible for detecting the progress of the game for each child, allows the steps to be customized for each player.

For seven years, the process of approving the game took off as a “prescription drug,” during which 5 clinical trials were conducted involving over 600 children suffering from AD.

One of the studies (published on thelancet) found that in one-third of children treated with the game “EndeavorRx” there was a decrease in attention-deficit while playing 25 minutes a day, for 5 days a week and for 4 weeks. Eddie Martucci, CEO of Akili claims:

“The technology we used in the EndeavorRx game has helped (ADHD) treatment because it directly targets medical neurological function through entertainment.

Families are looking for new and creative ways to reduce their level of attention deficit disorder and with the FDA’s decision, we are happy to offer these families a unique and primary treatment option, with no drugs.”

It is important to note that the doctors who were part of the study were employed by the game’s developing company so that one side was not hidden, but despite the FDA approval, the doctors categorize the game as an alternative to one or the other drug or treatment for ADHD.

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